curated by Giuliana Scimé

Crimes against humanity: the nefarious range is so broad and so ancient that you get lost in the mists of time, and disgustingly current one.
The milder, so to speak, of the crimes is deforestation, not only in Brazil where it’s causing tragic consequences, but also in our countries, with landslides and mudslides.
Apartheid in South Africa and Racial segregation in the United States are considered crimes against humanity.
The Holocaust, with its 15 million innocent victims, including 6 million Jews; other million chosen among Soviet prisoners of war, political opponents, nations and ethnic groups considered “inferior” such as Roma, Sinti, Yenish, religious groups such as Jehovah’s Witnesses and Pentecostals, homosexuals, the mentally ill and disabled.
The Atomic bomb: in order to end the Japanese resistance in World War II the United States had a brilliant idea: 8.15 am, August 6, 1945, the Enola Gay releases Little Boy, a cute little boy of 62.3 kilograms weight of uranium, which explodes 600 meters high over the city of Hiroshima. At 11.02 am, August 9, 1945, Fat Man, the fat man full of plutonium, glides over the city of Nagasaki. Why? Genocide.
There’s something for everyone, from the ancient historical memory to events closer to our time.
Genocide of the Armenian people that the Young Turks began to perpetrate from the outbreak of the Great War in 1915 until 1923.
And many years later the Kurds will suffer the same destiny. In 1988, Saddam Hussein ordered eight military operations in six regions in the North of the country. There are traces of the bodies of 180,000 Kurds hoovered up in 1,200 villages.
Vietnam: the United States still bear the moral and physical “wounds” of that conflict.
The Khmer Rouge in Cambodia slaughtered between 1 million and 2.2 million people in four years, between 1975 and 1979.
North Korea: the satellite images were taken over the concentration camps where hundreds of thousand of “dissidents” are locked up.
And the massacre of Christians, from various denominations, has assumed gigantic proportions, yet it seems that will not be considered seriously. But only in 2012 were killed 105,000 Christians, 1 every 5 minutes.
Isis, from the books of Nineveh, felt it was its religious duty to destroy statues and precious archaeological sites, to make inevitably other ethnic cleansings, wiping out even the same Muslim brothers who are not considered Orthodox, according to their delinquent criteria.

(from a text by Giuliana Scimé)