Art Bonus Toscana

Puoi sostenere Photolux Festival attraverso l’Art Bonus Toscana!

What is Art Bonus Toscana?
The Tuscany Region was among the first Italian Regions to adopt specific legislation, the Regional Law April 5, 2017, n.18, which aims to incentivize, by means of specific tax concessions, the financial support offered by private “patrons” to projects intervention located in Tuscany and presented by public or private non-profit entities, but also by ecclesiastical bodies recognized under civil laws, which have the purpose of promoting, organizing and managing cultural activities and enhancing the cultural heritage and landscape.

The “patrons” to whom the Tuscan regional law recognizes the possibility of enjoying tax breaks following a donation made by them in support of a project in the cultural or landscape field, are companies, freelancers, foundations (including banking foundations) , which have their registered office or a permanent establishment in Tuscany.

One of the firsts noveltyintroduced by the Tuscan regional law is that of having made it possible to combine the tax relief granted by the Tuscany Region with that granted by the State to Tuscan “patrons” who make donations in support of projects located in the Region and provided for by article 1 of the decree-law of 31 May 2014, n.83, converted, with amendments, by law 29 July 2014, n.106 ( the so-called “Art Bonus Decree”), which are published on the national portal Art Bonus.

The tax relief granted consists of a tax credit on IRAP (Regional Tax on Productive Activities), of a different amount:

  • IRAP subsidy equal to 40% of the amount donated in the event that the donation is made to a project that does NOT also enjoy the national subsidy;
  • IRAP subsidy equal to 20% of the amount donated if the donation is made toa project that also benefits from the national subsidy (the two concessions can be combined!).

The minimum amount of the donation is one thousand euros.