Photolux Kids

PHOTOLUX KIDS wants to be a space, within Photolux Festival 2022 scheduled from 21 May to 12 June 2022, which focuses on the eyes of children: thanks to your support we will create an exhibition of photographic books for children and a calendar of workshops on photography.

We have always tried to make the contents of our Festival as inclusive as possible: over the years we have created projects dedicated to special audiences and educational courses for primary and secondary school students.

We are subjected to a continuous and unstoppable flow of images, which is why we feel the urge to promote education in the photographic image, starting with children.

Through an exhibition of photographic books for children. For children, the book is the main tool for accessing the representation of reality and the photographic book constitutes a precious segment of the vast editorial production for children, which we think it is important to enhance. The workshops, curated by photographers and curators, will bring children closer to photography, providing them with the necessary tools to read, understand and use it.

What can you help us achieve?
Your invaluable support will allow us to:
design and realize the exhibition in the best possible way: with a careful selection of books and an adequate setting for use by our younger visitors and their families;
involve photographers and curators who deal with the teaching of photography for children for our workshops.

Help us making PHOTOLUX KIDS!

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