curated by Marianne Catzaras

Women escaped from confined spaces, women who are hurt, who are suspended.
Modern odalisques, who hide their faces  with modesty and rage, blending in with the smooth surface of the furniture, placed in the photographers’ ateliers among decorations and geometrical structures
Women ready to unravel the devious threads of a tradition which changes the sense of their identity. Because that’s what we are talking about, identity in its many facets. And this is why the female characters of Rania Werda pose in front of mirrors half veiled, in bright and pastel colours. They pose surrounded by harmonious and static arabesques.
Women of the past and women of the future pose with their skin caressed by a veil, wondering who they are today in the face of a tomorrow obscured by retrograde and totalitarian tendencies. Choreographies of semi hidden faces in sketched out scenes: Rania Werda shows us fierce women who stand tall saying no to any genre stereotypes. Lascivious, as if they were drawn on a calligraphic spark, they represent the many faces of women fighting for their right to be different: their right to be Women. With fantastic arabesques and terracotta chromatic effects, Rania gives us the woman’ sensuality, showing, at this crossroads of cultures, a possible mosaic of coexistence.