Young Curators Photolux Contest 2017


On the occasion of the 2017 edition of the Photolux Festival. International Biennial of Photography, Photolux promotes an international contest dedicated to young curators aged 19-40. The contest is aimed to recognize the best emergent curators, giving them a broad visibility and a chance to produce an exhibition’s project.

Submissions are free of charge and open to all curators and collectives from all countries. Participants must be attending specific courses or masters and/or a have a degree from specific courses or masters and/or have at least 2 years experience in curatorship/organization of photography/contemporary art exhibitions in private or public institutions. The contest is also open to collectives in which each member has that same profile (age and curriculum vitae).

The project must be strictly close to the festival’s theme but it must demonstrate an original curatorial approach. Artists involved in the project must be emergent and work with photography and/or video. The project can be for a solo show or a group exhibition. Quality, originality and consistency of the project are the main criteria for the inclusion in the selection. Every participant can submit only one project.

The next edition (2017) of Photolux will be dedicated to Mediterraneo.

“The Mediterranean is a vast archive, an immense grave.”
(Predag Matvejevic)

Matvejevic’s words resonate today in all their power. The Mediterranean is the backdrop for an unprecedented humanitarian emergency related to the refugee crisis which has affected the coasts of Europe over the last few years. The current situation holds a sad record in terms of both human costs and repercussions on European identity and values. It’s now becoming even more urgent to question the Mediterranean and its history, to find a new dialogue between cultures.
The 2017 edition of Photolux Festival sets its focus on the photographers of the Mediterranean and on those who made the “Mare Nostrum” the object of their gaze, in the hope that such vision will lead to new influences and describe a sea where civilizations have met and fought for millennia, enriching and convoluting its history.

Every participant must present a project for a solo show or a group exhibition. The following documentation must be included:

  • curriculum vitae and personal data of the curator: name, surname, address, phone number, e-mail address;
  • statement of the project (max 2000 characters);
  • complete illustrated list of the artists and the works selected (max 15 images);
  • cost estimate comprehending production, transportation, material; potential sponsors and partners must be specified;
  • authorization to Photolux Festival to use the pictures submitted, electronically, and in print in the context of this competition, to document and promote this and future Festivals and competitions.

*The project and the budget will be updated according to the characteristics/dimensions of the venue.

NOTA: CD-ROMs will not be returned.

The projects must be submitted following the guidelines above, in a closed envelope, before and not later than September 10th, 2017 (date of postmark) to the following address:

Associazione culturale Photolux
Via Guidiccioni, 188
55100 Lucca

As an alternative, the projects can be submitted via wetransfer, before and not later than September 10th, 2017 to the following email address:

The 2017 award committee is composed by:

Emilia van Lynden, artistic director UNSEEN, Amsterdam

Flavio Arensi, curator
Krzysztof Candrowicz, artistic director Hamburg Triennial of Photography

The jury will meet during the month of October 2017.
The winner of the contest will be announced within October 15th, 2017.

THE JURY RESERVES THE RIGHT NOT TO DECLARE A WINNER in case that there are no submissions deemed apt for an exhibition.

The winning project will be produced and shown by Photolux Festival in one of the official venues of the festival and included in the catalogue and all communication material of the Festival.


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