Location: Casermetta San Pietro, via delle Mura Urbane
Opening times: Monday – Thursday 3pm – 7:30pm / Friday – Sunday 10am – 7: 30pm


Pornoland Redux is the story of a return from a land of epic battles, a place everyone talks about and that everyone would like to visit. The borders of Pornoland are wide and undefined: Berlin, Budapest, Prague, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Milan, but the geographical scene is not based on “facts”, it is essentially a representation of dreamlike fantasies, open-eye hallucinations, details, obsessions which are more real than reality itself.

Stefano De Luigi, quietly, almost like a shadow on the film set, rewrites the dynamics of an imaginary crystallized in a long but definite set of situations, opposing the mundanity of everyday life to the climax of the heroic moment.
The pornographic image is always evoked, but never exhibited. The photographs do not describe and not even tell, but they elude, or more often allude. The photographer’s gaze tends to be lyrical, balancing between a sublimated beauty and a squalid reality, and often focuses on what does not appear, what is not expected to be seen. It is the image of a time when nothing happens; a time of waiting, pause, emptiness. A time in brackets, between one scene and another, and therefore marginal, equivalent to something that is usually invisible. De Luigi loves to open the boundaries of the reality he observes, both in a spatial sense, since there is always an alternative space next to what should be seen, and in a temporal sense, since it avoids the quantitative concept of time and its vision in terms of pure effectiveness.

The photographs of De Luigi bring to the surface what is usually nestled in the depths of each individual: dreams, desires, fears; showing the soul before the bodies.
What really surprises is the need to shed light on these lives, to bring colour not to what is extraordinary or sensational, but to their perfect “normality”.