winner of the Roberto Del Carlo Photolux Contest 2013 – OPEN section

Walking through the different cities and towns in Israel and Palestine, you can enter universes that are completely different from each other, though very close.
Nowhere else in the world I’ve seen a population so varied and messenger of its own traditions, within such a short space. Each of these cultural microcosms represents a completely different life experience.
Right on the definition of space I focused my photographic research. I am not able neither intend to address any political or religious issue. Mine is just a personal consideration on the living space of every single person there.
The living space is usually a symbolic space where one lives its life, chooses how to behave and what choices to make. Everything about someone’s identity is addressed within this space.
The living space is the border not to cross in order to avoid invading somebody else’s freedom. During my trip I strongly felt these spaces intertwining, despite both physical and imaginary lines divide the surface of this territory.
The pictures have no captions: it is a choice of mine and it is linked to the fact that my perception of these habitats was the same on the whole territory.

(from a text by Sara Munari)