curated by Renata Ferri

What do we really learn in the short time we look at a photograph? Can it surprise us, excite us but spur us to think? It is the challenge of contemporary documentary photography, what Michele Borzoni collects with this work, Inshallah – Christian communities in the Middle East. It is a project which he took on more than three years of his work, traveling targetly to each country, never confusing them, not to get confused. Each stay was like a chapter on its own, he has inhabited the places of the survey, focusing on human morphology and geographic territory, to observe the current condition of the communities that live there, where Christianity originated.

The approach is reflective. He introduces each place with perfect, balanced pictures able to understand the nature of the territory by relying on the choice of light, waiting for the best one that can make the viewer the atmosphere that he himself caught. A project born from the desire to travel, discovery, interpreted by the author with formal precision, never empathetic, always detached from the events and subjected to the necessity of narrative construction in which events & collective rites get the same importance of large landscapes, aiming to return a tale entrusting different elements the responsibility of the representation. The survey is deepened by the shooting of moments of life, portraits and interior daily gestures that, as a punctuation, accompany the viewer to watch every scene where everything is quietly life, mosaic of details that tell stories.

Only if you watch patiently, unhurriedly, sensing atmosphere and scanning details, you get your own personal vision. An invitation to observe, able to inspire reflection.

(from a text by Renata Ferri)