Under the tent of Abraham tells about the possible and necessary dialogue between religions and men documenting the community experience of the ancient Syrian Antiochian monastery of Deir Mar Musa el-Habashi (St Moses the Abyssinian).

Place of hospitality and Catholic and Muslim inter religious exchange, perched in the mountains of Syria, “since the time of the Prophet Muhammed, the monastery in the desert has played a social spiritual function, appreciated and respected in the Muslim world […] we wanted to rediscover this function of hospitality and present it again in a more explicit and conscious way”, as explained by Father Dall’Oglio, who lived there before he was kidnapped in 2013.

The monks photographed by Ivo Saglietti are men and women from different churches and different countries who experience daily difficulties and the richness of diversity, showing that God is one and that we can live together in faith, regardless of professed religions. The intense black and white in this work, which documents the daily life of the community, well represents the contrast of light and shadow of two worlds in constant ideological conflict, that in the enclave of Deir Mar Musa al-Habashi find instead a place of dialogue and constructive discussion.