Visual Storytelling — Massimo Mastrorillo

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What is real in a world invaded by images and texts? What is hidden behind our personal vision of the things? How to organize and develop a photographic coherent storytelling? Trying to create personal photographs different from the large quantity of images  produced daily seems to be an ever more difficult exercise. The secret is: slow down, reflect, count on essential instruments whose limitations can become a starting point to expand our own visual attitude.
During the workshop, the participants will alternate theoretical moments, focused on the analysis of some representative photographers’ work and photographic composition, with other ones dedicated to editing.
The aim of the workshop is, first of all, to teach that a photographic story must be told through photographs focused on well-defined subjects, regardless the formal style adopted, and that an original and creative work of editing is essential.
The workshop includes also the portfolio reviews of the participants’ works.

Massimo Mastrorillo mainly works on social and environmental issues. He realized long-term projects in Mozambique, Iraq, Turkey, Indonesia, Bosnia, Japan and Italy.
He received several international awards, such as World Press Photo, the Picture of the Year International, the Best of Photojournalism, the Fnac Attenzione Talento Fotografico, the International Photography Award, the International Photographer of the Year at the 5th Lucie Awards, the Sony World Photography Awards and the Aftermath Grant (finalist, 2011).