The environmental portrait — Andrea Boccalini

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The workshop is for advanced students who have a fairly good knowledge of photography and for amateurs photographers who are already familiar with photographic techniques. All participants are encouraged to bring along their own portfolio with max 15 selected images on any subject.
Andrea Boccalini  will personally examine the works involving the entire class in his review. This shared analysis aims to be one of the highlights of the workshop: the opportunity to be evaluated by such an expert will certainly represent an immense chance of professional growth and artistic improvement.

Morning: Theory and history of portrait through the exam of the work of the teacher and of the  most important portraitist in the history of photography.
During the rest of the day students will engage in a photographic shooting together with the teacher.  Debate session at the end of the class.
Students will select their five best images from the shooting the day before, post produce them and save them in jpeg. The final products will be shown to the class and discussed together.

Andrea Boccalini started his professional reportage career working at various projects in Guatemala. The first projects were on child labour and resistance movement against mineral resources exploitation and have been exposed during the ONU exposition. The Conflictos mineros y pueblos indigenas en Guatemala di Joris van de Sandt publication is about this.
Boccalini is also involved in theatrical scene and jazz photography and in portrait photography. During the last 3 years he collaborated with international and national magazines such as The New York Times, New York Post, Repubblica, Jazztimes, Downbeat e Musica Jazz. He worked together with Paolo Fresu, Fabrizio Bosso, Enrico Rava, Enrico Pieranunzi, Horacio el Negro Hernandez, Oregon, Antonio Sanchez, Paul Motian, Michael Blake, Antonello Salis, Giovanni Guidi, Giovanni Hidalgo, Dino Saluzzi, Michael Blake, Roy Hargrove, Roberta Gambarini, Anja Lechner, Giovanni Falzone, John Taylor and others. He curated theatrical independent productions and worked together with Peter Stein on his Demons reinterpretation (in collaboration with Maddalena Crippa and Vincenzo Schino). During the Leica Talent final period he has been selected between 45.000 competitors reviving his personal passion for photojournalism. In 2011 he participated to Photolux Festival with a personal produced by Leica Akademie Italy and his Corviale project has been selected as the LF/ cover story. He is Leica Ambassador and Leica Akademie Italy master.
With more than 1000 votes Andrea Boccalini has been elected as the best jazz italian photographer during the jazzit award referendum for 3 years consecutives: “In the transition from LPs to CDs, liner photos became a lost art. It need not be so. The photos by Andrea Boccalini beautifully capture the intimacy of the rooms in which this recording was made (Sear Sound Studio in New York), and augment the music with a window into the warm vibe of the session” [Thomas Conrad, JAZZTIMES]