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Talking about the Mediterranean is not simply to talk about a sea.
The Mediterranean is the cradle of our civilization, is where origins and culture find their roots. It is also the place of commercial exchanges and epic human adventures, of foreign languages and ancient knowledges mixing their routes for ages. Its food, olive oil and wine crossed over the centuries, going along with new discoveries and shipwrecks, attending victories and conquests and more being consumed by men and women from everywhere, at open sea or on new landing shores.
The intention of Cook_inc. 19 is to reflect richness, variety and deepness of the Mediterranean along an itinerary made of words and images that goes across culinary traditions of many countries of its basin.
Young cooks, suppliers, renowned chefs, brand new gastronomy creations and typical traditional plates of the Mediterranean culture, will be told by our collaborators and celebrated by the expert eyes of our photographers.
Mediterranean means freedom, contamination and eclecticism, endless journey and border crossing, then arrivals and new departures, in an eternal motion and continuous evolution. Just like cooking.