Workshop with Lady Tarin

Location: Complesso di San Micheletto, via San Micheletto, 3, Lucca
Dates: 21 and 22 May 2022
21st May 10am-6pm, 22nd May 10am-13.30pm
Price: 280,00 €

In her “Guiltless” workshop, the photographer Lady Tarin tells how in her visual research she creates, within a carefully constructed scene, a direct bond with the model, natural, spontaneous and free, in which to enhance her body and sensuality.

In the first part of the workshop Lady Tarin will start from her latest shootings by relating the personal project with the commercial work, from the casting to the choice of the location. From the Girls Love Bar Bassoproject to the Giorgio Armani campaign. How she came to photograph women – from the sheltered place of the house to nightclubs – involving the city and the night.
How the editorial work for GQ – 3 years of collaboration on the nude – led her to develop her project.

She will talk about the books published – 3 monographs – the first in 2016 entitled STANZE PRIVATE; the second, TARIN, published in 2020, in a limited edition. In 2021 the third book was released, GUILTLESS, a monograph that contains 14 years of personal project and a box set with a limited edition photograph.

During the shooting day, the focus will be on the relationship with the model, too often underestimated: how to choose the subject to photograph the location, based on the story to be told.

The approach that will be required is the editorial one: participants will have to imagine publishing their project consisting of 4/5 photographs, with a double page opening and a title in an independent magazine.

Each participant will bring their own camera and computer for editing.

Those who already have a portfolio can bring it, for a possible reading and general setting.

The workshop will be held in Italian.

In collaboration with Spazio Fotografia San Zenone.