From a Photograph to a Photographic Project – Workshop with Fausto Podavini

The workshop is addressed to all those who want to improve the design and realization phase of a photographic project or to those who simply want to start seeing photography no longer linked to a single shot but as a photographic project. We will try to understand what a photograph is, what is inside it and what is behind it and learn more about the importance of a photographic project.

During the two days will be faced the theoretical and practical problems related to a storytelling project. Through the analysis and discussion of participants’ works and portfolio, the participants will discuss all the practical aspects related to the creation of a reportage with particular attention to the photographic language, to its visual translatability, to the composition as an expressive form and to the editing as an added value for the story. The workshop will also provide a practical part, by assigning a theme to work on at least fifteen days before the start of the workshop. The results will be discussed during the theory lesson. Through the vision of the teacher’s work, it will be possible to know anecdotes and experiences that led to the realization of long-term works and which field process led to the creation of individual photos.

MATERIAL: The use of the camera is not required. Each participant must have a laptop.
OTHER: Each member must bring his own portfolio and the assignment that will be done 15/20 days before the start of the workshop.


Fausto Podavini was born in Rome, where he currently lives and works.
He began his photographic journey first as an assistant and studio photographer, gradually approaching photo-reportage.  After abandoning studio photography to devote himself exclusively to reportage, he embarked a freelance career, working with various non-profit organizations for the realization of reports in Italy, Peru, Kenya and Ethiopia.

In 2009, he began a collaboration with the Collective WSP, where he also teaches photojournalism. He worked in Africa, South America and India, and he realized important projects in Italy as well, such as a report on sports for the disabled, a report in a juvenile prison and a project on Alzheimer’s disease, with which he won the Daily Life award from World Press Photo in 2013.  In 2017 he was nominated as “Reporter per la Terra” from the Earth Day Italia. In 2018 he won his second World Press Photo Award with the project Omo Change, a long-term project that saw him travel for 6 years between Ethiopia and Kenya to document the social and environmental changes in the lower Omo Valley following the construction and operation of the highest dam in the whole Africa.

He prefers to work on medium and long-term projects that allow him to study in detail the issues addressed. He has won international awards such as World Press Photo in 2013 and 2018, The POYi in 2016 and in 2018, Sony, Yves Rocher Grant, the PDN Storytelling and the Kolga Tiblisi. His work has been internationally showed and published in national and international magazines such as 6MoisLeVie/LeMondeGEO EspanaSternInternazionaleDonna ModernaEspressoD di RepubblicaNational GeographicDays JapanGEO Germany, GEO FranceNeue Zürcher Zeitung Magazine.

His work MiRelLa has become a book edited by Silvana Editoriale and in September 2019 he published his second book Omo Change with FotoEvidence.Together with journalist Emanuele Bompan and researcher Marisosa Iannelli, he is currently part of the Water Grabbing Observatory which aims to document social, environmental and economic issues related to water and climate in Italy and abroad.