Visual Narration and Editing – Workshop with Sanne De Wilde

NOOR image in collaboration with Photolux Festival present a 2-days workshop with Sanne De Wilde:

What to prepare, expect & bring:

Wear comfortable clothes; bring your laptop, charger, and a USB stick and/or external hard drive with your image files as well as prints of the work you will be editing.
Prepare your specific portfolio of a project that you’re currently working on or researching or even an ongoing project you’re troubled with (but please avoid presenting a finished project).
First you will shortly present yourself to the group. Each participant will have a limited amount of time to quickly explain what their project is about, show his/her selection of prints of their project. Be short and specific.

There will also be time for more in depth editing of the work of each participant during the course of the workshop. Throughout the workshop, you will be working on a tight edit of this work and how to present it.
Therefore, you will need to bring a selection of prints (min 10 max 40), at least 15x10cm / 6 by 4 inches. They don’t need to be professional prints, as you will use them for selection and editing.

A tight edit can be about 8-15 images; a wide edit can be upwards of 40 images.
You will also want to have all usable images from the project available on your computer or drive in case you want to come back to them when editing.

Think outside the traditional photojournalism! It could be also writing, personal diary, research materials, video, audio or archive footage, material from characters you’re documenting etc.
Imagine how would you like to disseminate the work (as a book, installation, interactive platform etc.).
The tutor will also give an extensive presentation of her work and offer insight in her artistic approach as well as business strategies in terms of bookmaking, photo-festivals, portfolio reviews, working with an agency, with galleries and musea, editorial en media partners, and additional presentations (on NOOR’s business model for example) tailored to the participants needs.

In order to make our short time together most rich, please think ahead which questions & points you want to discuss at this workshop, about your own work & projects, the experience & expertise of these particular tutors, etc. You will be asked to share the learning points you want to address through this workshop with the group during introductions on the first day.

9:00 – 10:30 > Coffee, settle in and welcome by Sanne De Wilde
10:30 – 11:00 > Short presentation of the project + introduction (5 min per participant). Participants introduce themselves amongst the group, sharing their background, photographic experience and their learning goals for the workshop as well as show the project they will be working on during the workshops
11:00-11:15 > Tutors recap, reflect & share after presentations of the project. Are there some common trends, comments, questions? What can we focus on in coming days together? What are strengths? And what are weaknesses? Share feedbacks and tips for effective pitching
11:15-11:30 > Small break
11:30-13:15 >  Three participants show their projects for maximum 30 minutes each
13:15-14:00 > Lunch
14:00-16:30 > Five participants show their projects for maximum 30 minutes each
16:30-16:45 > Round table to see if anyone has a question
9:00 > Coffee, settle in
9:15-09:30 > Recap
09:30-11:00 >  Three participants show their projects for maximum 30 minutes each
11:00-11:15 > Small break
11:15-13:15 > The four participants left show their projects for maximum 30 minutes each
13:15-14:00 > Lunch
14:00-16:30 > Each participant will show their finalized project edit – contextualized by a project/story title & a brief, effective introduction given verbally. Each participant has 5 minutes to present their work and then the group has 10 minutes to give feedback and discuss each presentation


Sanne De Wilde (Belgium, 1987) explores the role genetics play in peoples lives and how this shapes and affects communities. Picturing people suffering from a condition making them vulnerable in the eye of society.

She graduated with a Master in the Fine Arts at KASK in Ghent (BE) with great honours in 2012. Her photo series The Dwarf Empire was rewarded with the Photo Academy Award 2012 as well as the International Photography Award Emergentes DST in 2013. Her serie Snow White was awarded 16ème Prix National Photographie Ouverte and NuWork Award for Photographic Excellence.

She was awarded the Nikon Press Award in 2014 and 2016 for most promising young photographer. The British Journal of Photography selected De Wilde as one of ‘the best emerging talents from around the world’ in 2014 and recently received the Firecracker Grant 2016, PHmuseum Women’s Grant and de Zilveren Camera award for The Island of the Colorblind. She has been internationally published (Guardian, New Yorker, Le Monde, CNN, Vogue) and exhibited (Voies OFF, Tribeca Film Festival, Circulations, Lagos Photo, Lodz Fotofestiwal, IDFA, STAM and EYE).

Since 2013, De Wilde works with the Dutch newspaper and magazine De Volkskrant in Amsterdam and joined NOOR as a nominee in 2017.