The series of photographs Sitting on the Wall reflects the period of modernization and urbanization of China during the 1980s, under the background of economic globalization. The rural urbanization development and personal psychological mutations in this process, the desire for a rapid development of the country’s modernization and urbanization and the desires of people . Everything can be destructive and changeable, the city represents a strong national guest(artificial nature), and the people are a small host (individuals). The changes between the guest and the host have brought uncertainty to the development of rural urbanization. How will this develop in the future?

The photographs were shot in “Guomao area” of Haikou City, where the author lives. It was a rural area in 1985, and became the experimental base of modernization and urbanization after Hainan become the first Special Economic Zone in China in the 1980s. This original rural area was developed into a new commercial area in a few years.
A little girl sitting on a wall that separates the city in the distance and the rural area reminds us the old scenery, the shadow of the girl sitting on the wall guides visitors looking at the city in the distance, and the girl is filled with the mixed sense of curiosity and confusion, which is just the complex psychology of the modern city.

What the photograph reveals are the changes between object (artificial nature) and subject (individual), namely psychological and cultural changes of people caused by geographical changes.