Personal Photography — Sara Munari

Reportage is a visual description of reality through which photographers must tell a space or a fact. Photographers must understand, synthesize and catch moments to express and describe to the viewers what is before their eyes. We will move between reality and simulation and try to move on the border of the reportage learning to move in the direction of the imaginary. Starting from reality, we will tell a story related to the photographer’s moods and feelings. A personal story that starts from the concrete and moves to the fantastic, based on feelings.

How can we tell a story through the senses? The workshop aims to let participants bring this concept in their photography.
The great masters of this kind of photography are Daido Moriyama, Michael Ackerman, Trent Parke, Jacob Aue Sobol.
The workshop will include a shooting session in the afternoon of Saturday and a portfolio reviews session on Sunday afternoon.

> Visual storytelling
> What is it, how to structure it
> The language of reportage
> Where does an idea for a story come from?
> Development of the idea
> Editing based on different issues
> How and why edit images
> Editing for a stylistic coherence and an effective narrative structure

Requested equipment: camera and notebook.
Costs: 250 €. Room and board not included.

Sara Munari was born in Milan in 1972. She lives and works in Lecco. Munari graduated as professional photographer at Isfav, Padova. In 2001 she opened La Stazione Fotografica, studio and gallery for photographic exhibitions. She teaches History of Photography and Visual Communication at Istituto italiano di fotografia, Milan and Obiettivo Reporter, Milan. She collaborates with Università Cattolica, Milan. From 2005 to 2008 she has worked for LECCOIMMAGINIFESTIVAL as artistic director. Her works have been exhibited in important galleries, festivals and museums in Italy and abroad. In 2015 she founded her popular blog “Mu.Sa”. She enjoys, loves and respects photography.