We are glad to announce the winner of the Roberto Del Carlo Photolux Award 2015.

Rony Zakaria with the project Men, Mountains and the Sea
proposed by Dimitri Beck, director of Polka 

Through a series of evocative images, Zakaria investigates the deep spiritual bond between men and nature in Indonesia. Photographing in intense black and white, he takes us from the peaks of an erupting volcano to the shores of the unpredictable and immense sea, documenting the sacred rituals and traditions that the island’s inhabitants observe in their attempt to tame the fury of natural elements. The images, of a classic and poetic beauty, show a great narrative power. The jury also found it very interesting that Zakaria, an Indonesian, undertook this long-term project with the intention of documenting the different social and cultural aspects of his own country’s society.

Marta Gili, director Jeu de Paume, Paris
Daphne Angles, photo editor, New York Times
Lorenza Bravetta, director Camera, Turin