Location: Palazzo Guinigi, Via Sant’Andrea 43
Opening times: Monday – Thursday 3pm – 7:30pm / Friday – Sunday 10am – 7: 30pm


Pimo Dictionary is an extension of the long-term project Experimental Relationship, started in 2007, where the artist Pixy Liao explores the possible variants of a heterosexual relationship, in a series of images created with her partner Moro.

Pixy was born and raised in China and her mother tongue is Mandarin; Moro is Japanese. When they met in the United States, like so many “mixed couples”, they communicated in English. But their English was not good enough to understand each other completely and to express all the nuances of their relationship. Then, in the time of their love story, Pixy and Moro created a personal language — a hybrid of Chinese, Japanese, English, mantra and slang —, inventing new words and idioms, such as “pimo”, a union of their names which also becomes the initials of their band, or “assband” as an alternative to “husband”. In the midst of this daily dictionary, we find nicknames to be used in intimacy, such as Momo-Chan.
Through the combination of text and photographs, Pimo Dictionary becomes a real dictionary of a shared and coded language: the language of love between Pixy and Moro.
The project was self-produced as an artist’s book in 2010, during the AIR residency at the Center for Photography at Woodstock in 2010, and then published by the Jiazazhi publishing house in 2018.