banner verticale PIC OF THE DAY 2015

Pic of the day is the new Photolux 2015 challenge dedicated to Instagramers! Instagram users are invited to share the photographs they take during the “Sacred and Profane” themed festival.
Every day the Photolux jury will choose (see the section “Announcement of the selected authors” for more details) the “Pic of the day”, which will then be shared by the official Instagram profile of the Festival.
All the “Pic of the day” will be printed and exhibited at the Guinigi Tower in Lucca.

The challenge is open to all those who are resident, domiciled or contactable in Italy.

From 21/11/2015 to 13/12/2015.

To participate in the initiative, just upload a photo to your Instagram account using all three of the following hashtags: #sacroeprofano, # photolux15 and #picoftheday and follow @photoluxFest.
There are no limits to the number of photographs that each user can post on Instagram to participate in the initiative.
Photolux will be able to use all the images sent for the challenge on its website and on its official social channels.

You can interpret, in your own way and in complete freedom, the theme “Sacred and Profane” during the entire duration of the Festival.
The originality with which you will be able to tackle the topic will be one of the points that will be evaluated by our jury.
The jury is made up of the Photolux team.
By participating in the challenge, the authors of the photos confirm and certify that:
– the photographs uploaded for the initiative were actually taken and created by themselves;
– the photographs do not contain obscene, explicitly sexual, violent, offensive or defamatory material;
– the photographs do not contain material discriminating for sex, ethnicity and religion;
– have obtained permission to publish the photographs from the subjects portrayed in them.

The jury has the right to consider the photographs that do not comply with the aforementioned rules null and void.
The jury indicated above will choose the photographs that best interpret the proposed topic, evaluating their originality, creativity and technical quality.
The opinion expressed will be unquestionable.

The jury will select a photograph every day of the Festival that will be shared on the official Photolux Instagram profile and will be printed and exhibited at the Guinigi Tower in Lucca.
The authors of the photographs will be notified that the photo has been selected for the #picoftheday through a regram and a mention on the photograph itself.
Only the first names and / or nicknames of the authors selected will be publicly disclosed to protect their privacy.

Participants, by tagging their photographs in the manner indicated above, give implicit consent to the initiative and voluntarily and freely choose to publish their photographs for the initiative and exhibition indicated above, relieving Photolux from any responsibility.

Photolux will not ask users for other personal or sensitive data other than those provided above. The personal data of the authors who will be chosen will not be disclosed to third parties. They will be used for communications and any newsletters.
Participation in the initiative implies knowledge and acceptance of these regulations and consent to the processing of data from Legislative Decree 196/2003.