The project SYL-Support Your Locals is a collaboration between photographer Lorenzo Tricoli and micamera; its only subject is Isola, a neighborhood in Milan.

In recent years, an intense gentrification process, also with a view to Expo 2015, has been physically and socially transforming the neighborhood: the usual landmarks are disappearing, and the inhabitants have to live and work in a neighborhood that they have to keep discovering and in some way to preserve.
Since 2011 Lorenzo Tricoli have been obsessively photographing Isola, documenting its houses, its streets, its people, its life over the seasons, thus creating a rich archive.
Support Your Locals started in May 2012 with an exhibition at the local kiosk in the square. In 2013 it has become a free newspaper divided in four thematic issue (intro, night, nature, snow), presented between April and November.

During 2013, SYL – Support Your Locals appears on the walls of Arles during the photography festival, brings the Isola neighborhood to Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam, and in bookshops in Brussels and London. SYL – Support Your Locals will be presented in Lucca, with a video made for the occasion and a room divided according to the themes of the newspaper’s issue. Meanwhile, the four numbers were collected in a limited edition box set, along with a poster and a sticker.