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Fantasia by Italian-Moroccan documentary photographer Karim El Maktafi (Desenzano del Garda, 1992) presents a fresh look at the ancient Moroccan tradition known as Fantasia – the game of powder or “tbourida” in Moroccan Arabic – a breathtaking sport and equestrian art display which celebrates the union between a man and his horse. Two different identities coexist in El Maktafi’s sense of belonging: he feels deeply Italian when it comes to friends and his social circle but his Moroccan roots are strong when it comes to family life, home and traditions. The project stems from this connection with Moroccan folklore; in fact, El Maktafi shot the project out of the curiosity of witnessing a unique event that he had only seen on screen before.
Fantasia is shot in El Maktafi’s family home town of Bouznika, thus retracing his roots and giving the viewer a contemporary outlook of a centuries-old tradition that still brings together the various ethnic groups of Morocco.