curated by Lucy Conticello

The Believers is a body of documentary work by photographer Jordi Pizarro, in his quest to explore the question why do people believe, and how has religion, through the ages, been used to narrate the purpose of our existence. As part of an on-going long-term project, The Believers explores religious communities in 10 countries across 4 continents. In his work, Pizarro seeks to document and understand how communities are formed through religion, or the contrary; how beliefs are reinforced through preserving traditions; and faith is strengthened through performing rituals and sharing a common interpretation of truth. Pizarro also sets out to demonstrate that faith and the practice of religion are intrinsically linked to human life. That cultural practices of faith differ, but the pursuit for truth remains common to all.

This body of work is a pilgrimage in its own right, to unravel the complexity of human faith. The Believers sets out to capture the moment “truth” – the moment of absolute faith that leads individuals to endure physical suffering, to believe with absolute certainty in that which they cannot see, to inflict pain and sacrifice upon themselves.