Location: Palazzo Ducale, Cortile degli Svizzeri,1


cured by Nicolas Havette
in collaboration with Manuel Rivera Ortiz Foundation and  VisionQuest

Through his constant stream of images, Dmitry Markov portrays the underrepresented sectors of Russian society, as though through a mirror.

Photography has recently become a part of Markov’s life. Since 2016 she has become a partner, a constant companion and a point of reference during the “ups and downs” of his life. Markov is a man who consciously uses photography: to be a witness, of course, but also for himself. He is honest enough to share his contradictions and his weaknesses with us. He observes the world, trying to find his place within it and, through the power of images, he manages to involve us in his story. The people he photographs immediately become part of his story, of his family. He watches them as he looks at himself, without condescension and without moral judgment. He documents his life as a “son of his time”, sharing all the photos he takes with his smartphone on Instagram. His openness and lack of moralism on a complicated subject such as the life of people who, for different reasons, have found themselves aligned or marginalized, is admirable. This project comes from there, from Russia’s collective past, with its shared joys and difficulties. We may have all been in the same position as the heroes of this project. Some have just been luckier than others.

Only a loner, with his fascinating daily images posted on Instagram, can create such a self-portrait, built over time, and seek himself through the presence of others. He recently reached 400,000 followers on Instagram and is followed by 30,000 people on his Facebook page: Dmitry Markov has become a media.