(Italiano) Christopher Thomas | NY Sleeps

© New York 2009
© New York 2009

curated by Enrico Stefanelli

Christopher Thomas’s “New York Sleeps” series has been a great success from the onset: viewers are astonished, surprised to recognize familiar places, and lose themselves in memories. A city is shown in silence, without the turbulence of everyday life, an unpopulated metropolis, as if a spell had been cast on it: Grand Central Terminal, Fifth Avenue, the Flatiron Building, China Town, Wall Street, the Brooklyn Bridge—familiar, but never before seen this way.
At the crack of dawn, when the city is still asleep; or just before dusk falls or at night by the light of the moon, in Thomas’s photos, the bustling New York metropolis seems to hold its breath, to transform itself into a metaphysical void. This metamorphosis becomes especially clear in the active urban zones in Christopher Thomas’s photos of Fifth Avenue, of the Grand Central Station terminal, places that are in reality never void of people and that exemplify the “hustle and bustle” atmosphere of the metropolis. The abstracted view of the city is carried in part by his decision to work exclusively in black and white. Thus, the city is reduced to its essential elements of its architecture and radiates in its uniqueness and beauty.

(from a text by Ira Stehman)

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