Aurelio Amendola | San Pietro

© Aurelio Amendola, Basilica di San Pietro, 1998
© Aurelio Amendola, Basilica di San Pietro, 1998

curated by Enrico Stefanelli

under the patronage of the Fabbrica di San Pietro
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Throughout his long career, Aurelio Amendola has repeatedly worked on Michelangelo and especially on St. Peter’s Basilica.
In Amendola’s pictures, who represent the impressive architecture and the tension of the forms of his sculptures and decorative details, you can feel a sacred and almost tangible atmosphere. The genius of Michelangelo and the great beauty of St. Peter’s Basilica are celebrated through a series of pictures that have a strong emotional impact.
Amendola’s photograph has the ability to give us back, from a new perspective, an iconographic repertoire entered to all intents and purposes in the collective imagination, through a look that rarely relies on the frontal view and that reveals unexpected lines and volumes.

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