The portrait as an encounter

Antonio Manta and Guido Harari

in collaboration with Logo Akademie.001SITO

Telling about yourself and about others with photography – The reasons behind the choice of a language and of a photographic genre – Photography as quality of the time you share with others – Living more lives in just one – Real life, not a prepackaged portrait   – Invention and production: how to bring together creative research and market demands – Improvisation as a creative resource –  How to forget technique – Photography as a second nature.
The workshop will be divided into a theoretical part with projection (“Diary of a privileged”) and a hands-on part, which will include the making of the portrait in a studio and/oron location, on the first day; on the second day it will focus on processing the pictures on the computer until the printing.
The workshop will start from a review of the participants’ portfolios, and then will focus on the photographs they will take during the workshop itself, aiming at finding and suggesting a possible working method for their future path.

Antonio Manta
is a professional photographer, printer, and professor at Urbino ISIA University. He has been printer for many important photographer such as Nino Migliori, Fulvio Roiter, Giovanni Marozzini, Tim A. Hetherington, Nancy Fina, Anke Merzbach, Joe Oppedisano, Giuliana Traverso. Since 2008 cooperates with Canson, for which is Italian Testimonial; he is the official printer for the Lucca Digital Photo Festival, for Serravezza Fotografia and Corigliano Calabro Fotografia Festivals. In 2010 starts his collaboration with EPSON for the Digigraphie® certification. As a photo-reporter, he has worked in Morocco, Tunisia, Togo, Uganda, Laos, Israel, Cambodia, Vietnam and Armenia.
He has exposed in high-level locations like Italian Republic’s Senate, the City of Sestri Levante, Photoshow Milan, Corigliano Calabro Fotografia, Mart Museum of Rovereto, the CIFA – Italian Center for Author Photography – at Bibbiena, in Bologna, at Palazzo d’Accursio, at Scuderie Granducali, among the Serravezza Festival, the Fototeca Comunale in Potenza Picena, at Palazzo Arnone in Cosenza and in the exhibition places among the National Park of Sila.
It works are also collected in the Len-Levine Museum of New York and in private collection of Lyon and Paris. Together with other professional organized in 2010, as art director, the Fabriano Photo Festival and, after more than a year of research and work, published in February 2011 Sila Dono Sovrano (with Polyorama) a photographic book about the National Parko of Sila. He is Master Hasselblad and Eizo and Pro Foto testimonial. Thanks to his very specialized skills, he hold seminars and workshops in several countries in Europe on topic such as portrait techniques, advanced lighting techniques, colour management, Photoshop focused on fine art prints. Since 2010 collected a team of young professionals with whom starts the project “BAM – Bottega Antonio Manta”.

Guido Harari realized album covers for many artists such as Fabrizio De André, Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Vasco Rossi. Beyond music, he focused on reportage, institutional Oltre alla musica, si è dedicato al reportage, al ritratto istituzionale, alla pubblicità e alla grafica. E’ stato uno dei curatori della mostra multimediale dedicata a De André da Palazzo Ducale, a Genova. His recent books: The Beat Goes On (with Fernanda Pivano, 2004), Fabrizio De André. Una goccia di splendore (2007), Fabrizio De André & PFM. Evaporati in una nuvola rock (with Franz Di Cioccio, 2008), Gaber. L’illogica utopia (2010), Tom Waits and Vinicio Capossela (2012). In 2011 he opened Wall Of Sound Gallery, a photography gallery entirely dedicated to music, in Alba, where he currently lives.