The Truth with a Camera: The Documentary Photo Essay

Rick Shaw

Rick Shaw, Director of Pictures of the Year International will host a workshop dedicated to producing a documentary photo essay. The two-day workshop will be a hands-on approach to shooting your own photo essay from start to finish. The workshop session begins with a story proposal, and continues through on-location shooting, and final editing of the essay. By the conclusion of the two-day workshop, participants will leave with a fresh completed photo essay on a documentary topic. Shaw also will review your current portfolio and provide feedback on your current strengths and challenges. This workshop is a great opportunity for those photographs interested in shedding light on an important social issue or cultural trend, and harnessing your photography to affect change.

Rick Shaw is director of Pictures of the Year International, the oldest and most prestigious photojournalism program in the world. POY’s primary mission is to promote the work of photojournalists and foster professional development as a program of the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute at the Missouri School of Journalism. Shaw was named POY director in 2006 to oversees the program’s competition, coordinate worldwide exhibitions, and cultivate the POY Archive. Shaw’s prior newspaper career spans 27 years in visual editing and management. He began as a photojournalist and moved into photo editing, working for newspapers such as The Florida Times-Union in Jacksonville and The Sacramento Bee for 12 years. In 1991, Shaw was part of the editing team for The Sacramento Bee that won the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service, responsible for both the photo editing and page design for the series, “The Sierra in Peril.” He has served as the director of photography and graphics at The Arizona Republic in Phoenix, and in 2001 joined the Hartford Courant as its director of design and graphics. Shaw holds a Master of Arts degree in Journalism, specializing in online visual journalism.