Stampare sui tessuti con la luce del sole! — Jesse Genet — Lumi

This workshop will be a 4 hour session for 12-15 people. The first hour will be a lecture style introduction to the Lumi process and the history of Inkodye from Lumi Founder, Jesse Genet. The second hour will feature demonstrations of the technique and offer comparisons between Lumi printing and other traditional photo and print processes. The last two hours of the workshop will be hands on, with Jesse demonstrating and the workshop participants trying the process themselves. Jesse will do demonstrations on a variety of fabrics and clothing pieces. Workshop participants will print (2) silk handkerchiefs during the workshop and will be able to take home their Lumi printed creations.

Jesse Genet is the founder and CEO of Lumi, a company that is pioneering a new print process that uses the power of the sun (instead of expensive equipment) to permanently print images onto clothing. Now 25, Jesse has been developing and using the Lumi printing process since she was 16 years old. She studied Product Design at Art Center College of Design and lives and works out of her loft at The Brewery near Downtown Los Angeles.