Young Curators Photolux Contest 2015 || Carine Dolek | how to disappear completely. The Poems by Boris Eldagsen

© Boris Eldagsen, The Kiss
© Boris Eldagsen, The Kiss

winner of Young Curators Photolux Contest 2015

We believe in light. All of us. We’re all believers. Light is the supreme god of all religions and atheisms, the supreme metaphor of good and life. What if it was an illusion? Have you ever wondered of what is there between two stars in a black hole when there’s nothing to reflect light? Between two “objects” when there’s nothing to reflect on?
The work of Boris Eldagsen digs the furrow of this delightful idea by its trasgression of this concept as old and obvious. Is the light the right metaphor for life and good? What if there was another one, more important? What if we had to see and think by substraction, rather than by addition? To show by removing, finger on the illusionary nature of the world. Better than the light of dead stars, the dark space between two stars, out of reach, is exactly the place of our unconscious where Boris Eldagsen invites us for a walk, with full awareness of sensory and conceptual illusion of what we call reality.

(from a text by Carine Dolek)

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