Nicolas Lozito Portrait


Xavier Canonne Art historian graduated from the “Université Libre de Bruxelles” (Belgium) and Doctor of Art History and Archeology from the “Sorbonne” (Paris I) with a thesis devoted to Surrealism in Belgium (1950-1993).

Xavier Canonne managed his career in several field of activities between passion and professionalism: as an author, an artist, a publisher, an art history (cinema) professor, as Curator and Director, among the other experiences:
From the 1987 to the 2002 he was the 
President for the advisory Commission of Plastic Arts of the French Community, in 2017 was the author of the book, and in 2018 curator of the exhibition René Magritte. The Revealing images. From the 2000 he is the Director of the Photography Museum of the French Community in Charleroi.

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