Vincitori del Self Publishing Photolux Award 2015

Yoshikatsu Fujii with the Incipient Strangers 


Incipient Strangers by Yoshikatsu Fujii  is a startling and uncompromising pushing of the possibilities of the book form. It uses the idea of a very very personal story of the divorce of his parents, elaborating this narrative thread through a very clever process of collage. It’s an exciting and challenging book that is attempting to push the boundaries whilst maintaining a rigor in relation to the practice of the media.

Yoshikatsu Fujii was born and raised in Hiroshima city. After studying art film at Tokyo Zokei University of Arts, he began to work in  photography in 2008. Currently he is based in Tokyo. His project Red String, which was motivated by his parents’ divorce, was produced as a hand-made photobook, in 35 copies, and was nominated for several awards beginning with Paris photo-Aperture Foundation Photobooks Award. The book was also selected by TIME magazine as one of the Best Photobooks of 2014, obtaining high praise in many countries.


Martin Bogren with the project Italya

Martin Bogren’s project Italya is a time capsule, a piece of historic traditional style of street photography and it typifies a photographer’s romantic notion of place. It could easily be published in the form it has been designed and presented. It’s an exquisitely made book but most significantly is a series of photographs, it’s a body of work in which there are three or four images which are some of the most engaging beautiful images we’ve seen for a long time.


Francesca Catastini with the project The modern spirit is vivisective
 with the project Places
 with the project I and thou
Hiroshi Okamoto
 with the project Recruit
Davide Regoli
 with the project Tempo e Polvere
Imrich Veber
 with the project BLOCK 62
Nani Wijaya
 with the project Puzzled – it is not you
Xiaoxiao Xu
 with the project Aeronautics In The Backyard

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