Filippo Brancoli Pantera e Lola Reboud

The exhibition of the winners of the residency program with the Centre Méditerranéen de la Photographie, of Filippo Brancoli Pantera and Lola Reboud.

Paulo Coqueiro |Don’t lie to me

The border between reality and fiction is nothing new. It has always flourished in the arts. Paulo Coqueiro with this work constitutes a place where documentary and invention are confused to reflect on the scope of the image and appearances. It could be said that we are facing an anti-fable…

Stéphane Duroy | Berlin 1980 -1990

Because their destinies crossed, Stalin, Rosa Luxembourg and Adolf Hitler have moulded Berlin into the capital of pain.
Upon its proclamation on November, 9th 1918, Weimar has known a hazardous existence.

Vincent Delbrouck | Champú. The Youth of La Vibora

Vincent Delbrouck’s photographs are a testament to the indestructible vigour and resilience of the young, and hopeful evidence of the potential for people to rise above circumstances and constraints and to make a better future.

Dario Mitidieri | The Longest Night

On May 24, 1989, Dario Mitidieri, leaves London on a British Airways flight headed to Beijing, to complete a report on the students who have occupied Tiananmen square.

Romano Cagnoni | Human Revelation

The best photograph for me is a human document of visual impact. Document in the sense that relates to existence. Human because it tells the state of mind of the person and all of this must have a visual impact that makes it memorable

Dmitry Markov | #Draft

Through his constant flow of pictures, Dmitry Markov depicts the under-represented sectors of Russian society, as through in a mirror.

Davide Monteleone | The April Theses

Davide Monteleone with the April Thesis created a chronology of two weeks of Lenin’s life just before the events that changed Russia and the entire world.