Vincent Delbrouck | Champú. The Youth of La Vibora

Vincent Delbrouck’s photographs are a testament to the indestructible vigour and resilience of the young, and hopeful evidence of the potential for people to rise above circumstances and constraints and to make a better future.

Dario Mitidieri | The Longest Night

On May 24, 1989, Dario Mitidieri, leaves London on a British Airways flight headed to Beijing, to complete a report on the students who have occupied Tiananmen square.

Romano Cagnoni | Human Revelation

The best photograph for me is a human document of visual impact. Document in the sense that relates to existence. Human because it tells the state of mind of the person and all of this must have a visual impact that makes it memorable

Dmitry Markov | #Draft

Through his constant flow of pictures, Dmitry Markov depicts the under-represented sectors of Russian society, as through in a mirror.

Davide Monteleone | The April Theses

Davide Monteleone with the April Thesis created a chronology of two weeks of Lenin’s life just before the events that changed Russia and the entire world.

David Appleby | Behind The Wall

At Photolux 2019 the exhibition of David Appleby ‘Behind the Wall’. On show the photographs from the making of Pink Floyd The Wall.

Magnum Revolution

This work, meanwhile, is a testament to a remarkable period in human history, one that was chronicled by an equally remarkable group of men and women.

Inertia Force and a Second Revolution

The generation of artists and photographers who passed through his classroom have today established themselves as the emerging voices of the contemporary photography of Iran