Reggio Emilia, Lucca, Lodi and Cortona. A network of photography festivals is born

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Fotografia Europea of Reggio Emilia, PhotoLux of Lucca, the Festival of Ethical Photography of Lodi, and Cortona On The Move of Cortona are joining together to create a network.

The four most important Italian photography festivals have started a process of collaboration aimed at empowering the development of the culture of photography through shared initiatives. Their goal is to face the competitive sector at both the European and world level with greater effectiveness and resources. This communal growth and synergistic collaboration is a prerequisite for development and for growth at the national level.

The collaboration among the four festivals will be developed through a three-year program starting in 2017. The first initiative to be implemented relates to communication and promotion and will go into effect thanks to coordinated campaigns on social media: shared content and cross-promotion of the four festivals on Facebook. Up to 100,000 passionate photography lovers will be reached thanks to this campaign. In 2018, an integrated entry ticket will be created. It will give access to exhibits and events at all four festivals. The objective for 2019 is to start common joint projects.

The announcement of the creation of this network of festivals was communicated a few days after the convocation of the first States General of Photography (Stati Generali della Fotografia) promoted by Mibact and organized in Rome on April 6, 2017. This was a moment of great importance in the world of photography in Italy.

The urgency of the festivals to create a network and collaborate for the development of the field of photography came from the awareness of its potential to be one of the closest and most immediate cultural forms of language.



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