Circolo La Scaletta | via Sette Dolori 10,  Matera

 15 – 16 GIUGNO
9.00 – 17.00: Ripensare la fotografia con Francesco Zizola

6 – 7 LUGLIO
9.00 – 17.00: Dal ritratto al ritratto ambientato con Andrea Boccalini

13 –14 LUGLIO
9.00 – 17.00: La città metafisica con Gabriele Croppi  

Circolo La Scaletta | via Sette Dolori 10, Matera

6 pm : “Photography and Copyright” talk with the lawyer Fabio Macaluso and the photographer Francesco Zizola.
Talk led by the lawyer and writer Fabio Macaluso specialized in copyright, to understand the protection of copyright linked to photography, especially in our age in which we witness an incessant and uncontrolled proliferation of images.

6 pmPresentation and Projection of the winners of the Prix Pictet with Giambattista Chiarelli, Pictet.
The Prix Pictet is the world’s leading prize for photography and sustainability. It aims to harness the power of photography to draw global attention to issues of society and the environment.
The theme for the eighth cycle of the Prix Pictet is Hope a theme that offers a wide range of creative possibilities and a strong set of connections to the Prix Pictet’s overriding theme of sustainability.

6 pm  : Piergiorgio Branzi, in conversation with Enrico Stefanelli, tell us about his long carreer.
Piergiorgio Branzi, in conversation with Enrico Stefanelli, tells us about more than fifty years photographs of the world. Witness of our time, Branzi accompanies us in his Tuscany, with the black and white photographs of the Fifties, and then to Moscow where he lived five years as Rai correspondent, and in  Paris, to then return to travel our Peninsula and arrive at his latest production, more experimental.

6 pm : Presentation of the photographic book Tokyo tsukiji (Contrasto, 2018), with the author Nicola Tanzini.
Over the past two years, the photographer’s gaze has wandered around Tokyo, focusing on Tsukiji (in Japanese 築 地 市場 Tsukiji shijō), the largest fish market in the world, located in the district bearing the same name, in the city centre since 1935. The perspective which Tanzini takes on, is unprecedented and the place is exhibited in an as yet unknown role, during the slowing down of the activity, which precedes its finalization and coincides with a necessary preparation phase, to face the portion of time in which the world is closed out.
People are captured spontaneously, showing a genuine streak, cataloguing humans, which the author manages to capture, systematize and reveal, in a visual diary filled with expressions, attitudes, situations and behaviour, work which is never rushed, in order to ensure that details and minimal relevant expressions of that moment in life are exhalted.

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