Portfolio Reviews Award

This 2017 edition of Photolux has seen the opening of two projects in cooperation with several European organizations which will offer the opportunity of an artistic residence abroad to the two winners of the best portfolio.

The first collaboration has started with the Centre Méditerranéen de la Photographie of Bastia, Corsica; during the residence, of a duration of 15/20 days, photographers will be called to develop a project of research on the territory, Corsica and Lucca respectively. Photolux and the Centre Méditerranéen de la Photographie will cover travel and accommodation costs and will offer technical and logistic assistance on the premises. Both projects realized during the residence will be exhibited in Lucca and in Bastia in 2018.

The second collaboration was made possible thanks to the international agreement reached with four European countries (Lithuania, France, Poland and Italy). The new European Residence Award benefits from the participation of four international photography Festivals: Kaunas Photo, Kaunas (Lithuania); PhotAmnuales, Beauvais, (France); Pix.house, Poznan, (Poland); Photolux Festival, Lucca, (Italy).
Winners of the best portfolio of the various festivals will have the opportunity to take an artistic residence of 15 days in a selected destination, will receive a reimbursement for travel costs and an expense coverage of €1000.
The destinations of the exchange will be assigned as follow:
-the winner of Photolux Festival will be offered an artistic residence in Lithuania;
-the winner of Kaunas Photo will be offered an artistic residence in France;
-the winner of PhotAmnuales will be offered an artistic residence in Poland;
-the winner of Pix.house will be offered an artistic residence in Italy

The portfolio reviewers for the 2017 edition of Photolux Festival are:

  1. Pierre André Podbielski (Podbielski Contemporary)
  2. Elena Boille (Internazionale)
  3. Jim Casper (LensCulture)
  4. Caroline Hunter (Photo editor, The Guardian)
  5. Ângela Ferreira (Indipendent curator)
  6. Marcel Fortini (Centre Méditerranéen de la Photographie, Bastia)
  7. Krzysztof Candrowitz (Lodz Photo Festival)
  8. Mindaugas Kavaliauskas (Kaunas Photo Festival)
  9. Emilia van Lynden (Artistic Director, Unseen Amsterdam)
  10. Daniela e Guido Giudici (Consarc Gallery, Chiasso)
  11. Andrei Polikanov (Photographer)
  12. Dimitri Beck (Polka Magazine / Polka Gallery)
  13. Laura Serani (Curator)
  14. Rebecca Simons (Photo-editor and curator)
  15. Fred Bucher (Photaumnales festival)

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