Photolux Travel Photography Award 2019


The objective of the challenge Photolux travel Photography Award 2019  is to invite photographers to provide an original and new perspective on how to observe the world through the medium of travel photography.

The challenge is open to everyone professional or amateur regardless of age, gender or nationality.

Photos can be sent to Photolux between 1 June and 30 September 2019.

To participate in the challenge it is necessary to send the following material to this email address using wetransfer:

  • a maximum of 5 images. Images should be .jpegs that are a minimum of 1500 pixels on the longest side at 72 dpi. Each image submitted must have a corresponding high resolution file available (300 dpi, 18×24 cm) which will be requested if your work is selected for the call.
  • A copy of the receipt for the payment of (€5.00) enrolment fee and all personal details (name and surname, email address and telephone number).
  • A copy of the ID document.

Payment can be made by bank transfer to:
Iban: IT27Y0637013700000010000689

Participants are free to interpret a travel photo as they choose. The judges will evaluate originality, creativity and technical skills.
Participants in the challenge must declare that:

  • the photographer is the author of the presented photo
  • the photos do not contain any explicit material (sexual, violent, offensive or defamatory)
  • the photos do not contain any discriminatory material (sex, ethnic, religious)
  • the photos do not contain children or portraits of children
  • that they have obtained the permission of any person appearing in their photo for the photos publication.
  • they have not used any technical editing that has altered the photo in a way that has created a fictitious representation of something that does not exist.
  • they have not made modifications that altered the situation or moment when the photo was taken
  • they have not removed any primary or prominent elements of the photograph
  • they have not modified any object that has iconic or historical relevance or that is easily recognisable.
  • they have not made any exaggerated adjustments to the colour of the photograph. Only minor colour corrections are acceptable.
  • they have not flipped the photo unless it is a neutral situation without too many references of places.
  • Cloning has only be used for the continuation of simple surfaces, not for the addition of new elements to a photo.

The judges for the 2019 contest will be as follows:

  • Michele Dalla Palma – National Geographic photographer for Expeditions/Kel 12
  • Edoardo Agresti, Photographer and Tour Leader KEL 12
  • Chiara Ruberti, Coordinator of Photolux Festival

The judges maintain the right to discount any photos which do not respect the above guidelines. The final judgement will be incontestable and the judges reserve the right to not appoint a winner if none of the photos meet the pre-mentioned guidelines.

The selected projects ( maximum 40) will take part in the official exhibition of the Photolux Festival 2019 (Lucca, 16 Novembre-8 Dicembre).The first place winner will also receive a 2 night stay (including transfer from Pisa/Viareggio) in a bed and breakfast during the main weekend of the Photolux Festival ( 23-24 November).

In addition, if approval is given from the marketing office of National Geographic Expeditions and Kel 12), the winner will also receive free publication of their photo (including all relevant credits and copyrights) in one of the upcoming editions of the National Geographic Expeditions.

After the successful applicants have been contacted personally, Photolux and Kel12 , National Geographic Expeditions will announce the winners through their various communications (printed, newsletter, social network). By participating in the competition, applicants give their permission for their photos to be published and exhibited during the Photolux Festival and to be used for any communication relevant to the competition including that of subsequent competitions in following years. Releasing Photolux of any responsibility.

In conformation with the UE ruling of 2016/679: Photolux as manager of the competition informs that all personal data collected for the participation in the contest will be treated according with the following guidelines:

  1. Activities related to the contest
  2. Marketing via letters, telephone calls, email and sms, notification of newsletters and initiatives and offers from Photolux Kel 12 Tour operator Srl and National Geographic Expeditions.
  • Authorisation of A is required for participation in the contest. Without authorisation for B the applicant can still participate in the contest but the manager of the contest will not be able to provide all the correlated services to the applicant
  • Data will be dealt with by Photolux Co-ordinator Chiara Ruberti. The data will not be distributed and will only be used for the purposes described above.
  • Personal data will be collected and stored by automatic means and all measures will be taken to reserve privacy and security.
  • In relation to the handling of personal data the participant can exercise his/her rights from act UE 2016/679
  • Personal data will be stored for no more than 7 years for data related to point A and for no more that 5 years for data related to point BParticipants can request to modify or cancel their data by writing to the following email address: email:

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