Photolux Per Le Popolazioni Colpite Dal Terremoto

© Pietro Masturzo, 2017

Where: Ex-Cavallerizza, Piazzale Giuseppe Verdi 
Monday – Friday 3 – 7:30 pm / Saturday and Sunday 10 am – 7:30 pm

in cooperation with Diocesi di Ascoli Piceno and Neapolis.Art
with the technical support of Canon Italia

Photolux decided to support the populations of centre Italy affected by the earthquake of 2016 and to do so in its own way: through photography.
In fact, it created a project aimed primarily at high school students. Adolescents have great familiarity with photography, a visual language which they use every day with their smartphone (photography is the second most used function, after instant messaging).
The sheer number of their snapshots is enormous, with a general approach which is almost bulimic and produces artefact and unnatural images, often identical, unable to express the identity of the authors or to tell any story.
The main goal of the project is to show the students how every photo can convey a message which can be understood only with the knowledge of its specific language that allows to interpret it and own it. The project has introduced the kids to photography and to narration by images, offering them the possibility to explore the various aspects of the visual communication and to analyse the reality around them, so deeply changed after the traumatic event of the earthquake.
Important Italian photographers and photojournalists guided them through reading and comprehension of a photographic reportage and then through the creation and construction of their own story by images.
The exhibition collects the best photos taken by the students as well as some of the images taken by the teachers during their stay in the areas affected by the earthquake.

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