Photolux for the areas hit by the earthquake

Photolux starts a new collaboration with the Diocesi di Ascoli for a support project for the areas hit by the earthquake.

From the one hand, an educational program, realized in collaboration with Neapolis. Art and dedicated to schools: free photography courses and a final exhibition whit the images realized by the students. This educational program aims to kindle young students interest and to introduce them to the media and creative industries trying to give them an opportunity for a possible professional and future development. To teach, train and approach young people to photography through the knowledge of photojournalism with the task of telling everybody, year by year, the world contemporary history, reaching even school desks. Ideally conceived to offer boys and girls the opportunity to explore different aspects of visual communication, the project will let the students deepen techniques, applications and post-production for a conscious approach to mobile photography.

On the other hand, an exhibitions program which intend to encourage people to participate to the community’r social and cultural life. The first exhibition will show the Italian photographer Andrea Boccalini’s series “L’interludio: il passaggio fra due Pontificati”. The work document the delicate transition between Benedetto XVI’s pontificate and Francesco’s pontificate.

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