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PHOTOLUX is the Biennial International Festival of Photography that takes place in Lucca, Tuscany. 
As a symbol of the project, we have chosen Light, the essence of Photography. In today’s world, where we are constantly bombarded by a plethora of images, PHOTOLUX, like a camera obscura of old times, aims to display a clear and well-defined selection of work from the international photographic scene. 
Every two years, for three weeks Lucca offers a unique opportunity for cultural exchange and enrichment. The Tuscan town provides the perfect setting for the festival. The ancient and exquisite sites of the city centre are filled with exhibitions, workshops and talks.
With its energetic and innovative outlook, PHOTOLUX aspires to be a crossroads of exchange for renowned masters, experts and photography lovers, while also shedding light on new and emerging talents, as well as cutting edge artistic practices.


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