PhotoBoox 2017

The PhotoBoox Award 2017 is an international contest dedicated to photobooks promoted by Photolux in cooperation with ceiba editions, EyesOpen! magazine and Grafiche dell’Artiere. The award is aimed to recognize the best unpublished editorial projects, giving them a broad visibility and a chance of publication.
Mayumi SuzukiThe Restoration Will

This outstanding dummy tells, visually, the story of the loss of the photographer’s parents in the 2011 tsunami that occurred in Japan.
The jury found the visual story and the narrative very powerful and also perceived the struggle in finding an adequate way of telling the story of a personal loss of such magnitude.
With the decision of awarding Mayumi Suzuki the jury is offering their support for the completion of this very personal project by turning this already strong dummy into a book. We realise how something that might have started as a way to deal with a personal loss, can turn into a project to share with a larger audience. Reflected in this dummy, we see the struggle of the author and the challenges she had to face and therefore we believe it has a huge potential. She was able to show her vulnerability on the pages but not always she seems capable of finding a reaction to it on her own.

Miki Hasegawa, Internal Notebook

The structure of the dummy reveals an eclectic use of notebook style and a very thorough research. The dummy deals with the emotional cries of children raised in abusive homes. The jury was impressed by the way Miki Hasegawa approached this extremely difficult subject. A book not easy to digest but nonetheless very significant. We found it remarkable how she tells the stories in such a respectful, delicate way.

Olga Bushkova, How I tried to convince my husband to have children
Keiji Fujimoto, Forget-me-not
Hiroshi Okamoto, We do not need you, here / If I could only fly
Thi My Lien Nguyen, Hiêu Thào/With love and respect

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