Massimo Vitali

Vitali Sito

Massimo Vitali (Como, 1944) moved to London after high-school, where he studied Photography at the London College of Printing.
In the early Sixties he started working as a photojournalist, collaborating with many magazines and agencies in Italy and Europe. It was during this time that he met Simon Guttman, the founder of the agency Report, who was to become fundamental in Massimo’s growth as a “Concerned Photographer.”
At the beginning of the Eighties, a growing mistrust in the belief that photography had an absolute capacity to reproduce the subtleties of reality led to a change in his career path. He began working as a cinematographer for television and cinema. However, his relationship with the still camera never ceased, and he eventually turned his attention back to “photography as a means for artistic research.”
His series of Italian beach panoramas, starting in 1995, began in the light of drastic political changes in Italy.
He lives and work in Lucca, Italy, and in Berlin, Germany.

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