Luca Campigotto


Luca Campigotto (Venice, 1962) graduated in Modern History with a dissertation on Travel Literature during the era of great geographical discoveries. To the visual evocation of those places connected to history, he has dedicated his photographic research since the very beginning.
With his first work, Venetia Obscura, a series of black & white photographs, published in 1995 and considered by now as a classic of night photography, he started a series of projects created by night, in various cities worldwide, including Milan, Chicago, Tokyo, Mumbay, Calcutta. Still on the theme of Venice followed: Molino Stucky (1998), L’Arsenale (2000) and Immaginario Notturno (2006). In 2007 he published the black and white series Le pietre del Cairo, reproducing the atmosphere of the XIX century travellers. His last book of coloured photographs, Gotham City(2012), originates from a long cinematographic inspiration research on New York and, as always, combines the composition strength of framing and the scenographic use of lights. As the American critic Marvin Heiferman points out: “Coupling the camera’s forensic gaze with a decidedly romantic sensibility, Campigotto creates extraordinary and haunting photographs in which the present and the past, and desire and nostalgia coexist.”
Being keen on the myth of the adventurous journey, he takes pictures of wild landscapes which contrast the urban scenarios. A selection of those images has been collected in My Wild Places (2010), published in conjunction with the exhibition of the same name at Palazzo Fortuny in Venice. Regarding this work Wlater Guadagnini wrote: “These photographs all rapidly slide into another dimension, that of the imaginary. An imaginary dimension which, in the face of the natural spectacle does not seek out the Other, nor does it seek confirmation of its own certainties, but rather the ways in which to render the overstepping of emotion visible”.  His forthcoming book Teatri di Guerra, is about the locations on the Italian mountains where the First World War was fought, commissioned by the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers on the occasion of the centenary of the conflict’s outbreak. He currently lives between Italy and New York.

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