LiberaEspressione is an association specialized in art and culture projects that operates over the provincial, regional and national territory, responding to the needs of institutions, companies and individuals. One of the activities carried out by LiberaEspressione is the planning, organization and realization of cultural events and exhibitions.

LiberaEspressione also deals with educational activities for schools; design and promotion of editorial, communication and merchandising products in the artistic, cultural and educational fields; operations to support the enhancement of cultural heritage and development of cultural projects for tourist facilities.

The aim of LiberaEspressione is the improvement and diffusion of art and culture through a plurality of projects and proposals that underline the educational and qualitative value of aesthetic and emotional experience.

LiberaEspressione stems from the will to combine skills and work experience with the service of art, culture and tourism.

INFO 328 9625591
facebook: liberaespressione


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