Jordi Pizarro | The Believers

© Jordi Pizarro, dalla serie The Believers, 2010-2014
© Jordi Pizarro, dalla serie The Believers, 2010-2014

curated by Lucy Conticello

Long-term project, still in progress, The Believers explores the religious communities of ten different countries in the four continents. Jordi Pizarro tries to describe and understand the three following conceptual issues: how communities may be constituted by a religious belief, how the beliefs grow strong by preserving traditions, how faith is strengthened through rituals and sharing of a common interpretation of the truth. He also aims to show how faith and the practice of a religion are closely related to human life. The practices of faith are different from each other, but the search for truth is common to all.
This project is, in effect, a pilgrimage to unravel the complexity of human faith. The Believers wants to document that moment of truth, of faith that makes people endure physical suffering, to blindly believe in what they cannot see and impose considerable sacrifices.

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