Jacques-Henri Lartigue

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Jacques Henri Lartigue (Courbevoie, France, 1894 – Nice, 1986) first approached photography thanks to his father, who gave him his first camera when he was seven. His first photography, taken in complete autonomy, is dated 1902. From that moment onwards, he started to compile his albums, accounts of his private and family life, daily journals, made of quick notes and everyday reflections. His brother Zissou and his cousins in Pont-de- l’Arche and Rouzat, aeroplanes, cars, sports and the beautiful women of Bois de Boulogne were the favourite subjects of his first years. From 1915 he attended the Académie Jullian and painting became his profession for the whole of his life. 1963 was the year of consecration for the Photographer Lartigue with the exhibition at the MoMA of New York and a long piece on LIFE. In 1966, the publishing of L’Album de famille contributed to the international diffusion of his work. Diary of a century (Instant de ma vie), the book edited by Richard Avedon showed, for the first time, some of the photos taken before 1930. In 1975, the Musée des arts décoratifs of Paris organised his first retrospective in France, Lartigue 8 x 80. In 1979 Lartigue decided to donate his entire catalogue of photographs to the State of France.

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