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ERIK KESSELS | 30 Nov – 1 Dec, 2019 € 350,00

SARAH LEEN e BILL MARR | 23 -24 Nov 2019 € 300,00

FRANCESCO ZIZOLA | 7 – 8 Dec 2019 € 300,00

CAROLINE HUNTER | 7 – 8 Dec 2019 € 300,00

SANNE DE WILDE| 16 – 17 Nov 2019 € 300,00

FAUSTO PODAVINI | 30 Nov – 1 Dec, 2019 € 300,00

10% discount if you sign up for two or more workshops.

Registration fee, in the amount of € 5,00, is included.

Registration form, filled as required, has to be sent by fax or e-mail, along with the following documents:
1. Copy of the ID card
2. Copy of the payment receipt for half of the full price;
3. Copy of the full payment receipt within a week before workshops start.
Inscription to workshops is valid only after we received, by fax or e-mail, a copy of the payment receipt for 50% of the full price. Inscriptions are accepted while places last on a first come first served basis. If the workshop chosen is full, you can ask to be put on the waiting list. The total amount has to be paid within a week before workshop start. In case you missed the last payment without previous cancellation notice, you will not get any refund.

Cancellation is possible until 15 days before the start of workshop. Cancellations within this time will get a total refund on exclusion of registration fee, in the amount of € 5,00.

It is very unusual for us to cancel a workshop, although it might happen that attendees are not enough or that the reader is unable to come.
In case of cancellation, Photolux will do its best to meet subscribers requirements offering the chance to take part to another workshop.
If not able to find a satisfying solution, Photolux will provide a refund. Photolux reserves the right to cancel a workshop due to lack of participants until 7 days before workshop starting date.

Bank Transfer
Beneficiary: Associazione Culturale Photolux
Bank: Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra – Filiale di Lucca

Address Bank: viale San Concordio, 587 – 55100 – Lucca


IBAN: IT27 Y063 7013 7000 0001 0000 689

For more information, call us on +39 0583 53003 or write an e-mail to

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