Irene Kung

Irene Kung Ritratto

Irene Kung (Berna, 1958) before moving to Rome, lived and worked in Madrid and New York as graphic designer, painter and photographer.
She has no interest in reproducing reality, the monuments she takes photos of belong to the city and to a different era, yet they are all recognizible however at the same time immerged in a dreamlike atmosphere.
As a wanderer intent on accomplishing her own personal Grand Tour, Irene Kung scouts the cities looking for splendours of the past, traces of a memory worth remembering, for the immortal monuments, the landmarks that define and characterize the different cities (the Opéra in Paris, the Tower in London, the Pantheon in Rome, …).
Her quest is to capture the soul of the location each time and to then convey this on photographic paper, pure and intact, free from any possible contamination and from any urban disturbance.
Hers is a solitary process, comprised of anticipation and pauses, of the research of that different rhythm which is essential for the creation of these images.

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