(Italiano) Immagini in comune

© Sofia Correarle
© Sofia Correarle

Location: Chiesa di Santa Maria Annunziata dei Servi, Piazza dei Servi
Hours: Monday to Friday 3 – 7:30 pm / Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 7:30 pm


projects from the Master in Photography of Raffles Milan Institute of Fashion and Design
curated by Claudio Composti and Alessandra Mauro
photographs by Constantinos Chiorri, Chiara Consolo, Sofia Correale, Diana del Franco, Maneet Gogia, Rafael Jacinto, Davide Mari, Ana Clara Muner, David M. Ortega

Nine young photographers, nine young outlooks. Nine students of the Master of Photography at the Raffles School of Milan: these are the authors of a collective exhibition that presents a part – and only a part – of the work carried out in this year of study, of projects, of communal life.

They come from different countries (India, Brazil, Spain, France, Italy …) and they are now beginning to look out on the world of professionalism. None of them is from Milan but they all live there (someone for a long time, others just for a few months), they study there and there they move and, in the meantime, Milan, and in Milan the Raffles, is their place in the world. Here in Lucca everyone presents a project, an idea to browse, to observe and to dive into. And each of them indicates a possible path to follow, one of the many that photography and images open.

The exhibition is a project of the Master in Photography, Raffles Milan Institute of Fashion and Design, directed by Alessandra Mauro and is curated by Claudio Composti and Alessandra Mauro.




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